Easy To Grow Plants For The Garden

Growing your own plants in the garden is not only great for reducing stress, it’s also a great productive hobby. Now, if you want to get your hands dirty and grow your own food, here are some few plants that require zero expert knowledge;

The required soil temperature for growing a tomato ranges from 65° to 80°F. They will need plenty of sunlight, so keep that in mind where you intend placing it. Also, it is advisable to start growing it in a small container until it springs up. Then you can move them to a bigger, better container. 

Mint plants are known for their ability to spread out and occupy the whole garden if not monitored. To prevent this, it is advisable to plant them in clay. Also, mint plants need a relatively small amount of sunlight and damp soil with good drainage.

Tomatoes and Basil can co-exist beautifully in the garden, as the Basil can fend off insects that will eat the herbs or munch of your tomato. Basil needs plenty of sunlight and should be watered occasionally whenever the soil feels a bit dry. 

If your garden is spacious, then you can carefully plant your potatoes in vast rows across your background. Potatoes require sunlight, so you can take your basket and fill it in the loamy potting soil.  Bury 2 to 4 inches beneath the surface, while you feed them little amounts of water each day. After all this, you will be able to bear the fruits (so to speak) and enjoy fresh boiled potatoes or chips all year long.

With the plants mentioned above, you can start your very own garden pretty much right away. Just remember to follow the requirements for each plant and you’ll have an amazing garden soon!

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