House Plants Perfect For The Bedroom

In our busy 21st century lives, quality time at home has become paramount. We may not always have the opportunity to spend time at home, so when we do, it would be so lovely to be surrounded by beautiful plants.

Plants feed into better living and and the benefits can be more important and more vast than we initially realise.

Plants help to reduce stress, reduce carbon dioxide, and also reduces dust levels. Having a plant in the bedroom can help one sleep better.

Below are a few house plants perfect for the bedroom.

  • Jasmine: This plant helps with promoting sound sleep and also, increasing the chances of waking up feeling refreshed and happy. Jasmine looks and smells amazing, making it a great decor piece too!
  • Lavender: This plant is a great one to put on your bedroom. It helps to reduce both the blood pressure and heart rate. How awesome! The beautifully soothing scent also helps with getting a great night’s rest.
  • Aloe Vera: Aside from the fact that Aloe Vera aids better breathing, it also serves as a healing remedy for burns and rashes. Aloe Vera adds a certain tropical flair to the bedroom
  • Rosemary: This plant helps in eliminating anxiety and stress at night. You an very easily keep some rosemary in your bedroom after having to pinch while when preparing dinner! It’s a beautifully versatile plant!
  • Valerian: As long as you grant this plant six hours of sunlight a day, you may be rewarded with a better night’s sleep while inhaling the sweet scent of valerian flowers!

  • Peace Lily: This is one of the most sought after plants for bedrooms. It promotes a good night’s rest while eliminating any toxins that might lead to allergy symptoms.

For a good chance of having a decent night’s rest, be sure to pop one of these plants in your bedroom soon!

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  1. Lots of lovely ideas here. My daughter wants a plan in her room, but I wouldn’t know where to start! I love the Lavender, it’s my favourite scent and would be relaxing for the bedroom.

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