Shade Loving Plants

Plants generally need sunlight and moisture, but some plants are rather shy under the spotlight (sunlight) but excel under shades. If you’ve been looking to grow plants like these, then all you need to do is build a some shade. If you already have some shade, then you’re ready to go. The next thing is to make a list of the plants you would love to groom and so, here are some of the shade-loving plants you could readily get any time.

  1. Impatiens: Every shaded garden needs some impatiens, simply because of how beautiful they look. There are many varieties to choose from so you have the luxury of deciding to have your colour. They grow within 12 months and help the surroundings look gorgeous all year round.
  • Granny’s bonnet: These flowers, otherwise known as Aquilegias, make a good vintage-feeling garden. The petals are shaped like a bonnet hence the name, Granny’s bonnet. There are over 50 species of this particular flower group and the combination of a group of species would brighten your garden.
  • Ferns: If there’s any shade-loving plant that is always easily accessible, it is the fern. These plants have existed for decades, but they never go out of fashion. The good thing about ferns is that they are multipurpose: you could keep them as ornaments, eat them (some varieties- so please check) or use them for fertiliser.
  • Lobelia: There are over 400 Lobelia species in the world and none of them are less than beautiful. Some species take longer to grow than others so your choice may just depend on what colour you prefer and how fast you want to grow a garden. Their colours are usually bright and attractive- making them great for making borders and making floral art.
  • Caladium: These dual coloured plants, also known as the heart of Jesus, come in multiple shades. There are over a thousand species of them and most of the colours appear faint and look like they would fade if washed (but they don’t). The soil in which they are planted has to be moist and well drained for these flowers to do well and propagation is quite easy.

These are 5 of the top shade-loving plants you could get anywhere. Most of these species require special care and moist soil if you don’t want to end up with a dead garden. Try your hands at any of these and let me know how you get on.

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