Top Tips To Get Rid Of Weeds

Weeds are the enemy of every gardener, always rearing their ugly heads where they are not wanted, and being an eyesore to an otherwise perfectly groomed garden. Unfortunately gardeners are all too aware that no matter how much work you put into maintaining your plants and flowers, there seems to be no avoiding weeds. However, if you want to get rid of weeds, here are some tips to consider;

There are a few ways of getting rid of weed. One of the most obvious methods is using weed killer. There is a vast array of weed killers from garden centres or online.

Apply Close Plant Spacing Method

Weeds are like every other plant and need their space to grow; they successfully grow and thrive in areas where they find space to root and take in the sunlight. You can avoid this by keeping small plant gaps, which will deny the weed the opportunity to root and also gain access to sunlight. This is can help eliminate any form of weed germination and also stops them from multiplying.


Mulching is a way of not only keeping the soil cold and moist but also a means of depriving weeds of adequate sunlight and also preventing their growth. The best part about mulching is that it is a natural and effective way of controlling weed growth. There are a variety of materials that can be used as mulch ranging from decaying leaves, wooden chips, and compost barks, which helps to provide a protective coating for the ground. It is important to apply mulch around the matured plant to prevent the growth of weeds surrounding the plants.

Apply Water To The Plant And Not The Weed

In other to get rid of weeds, it is essential to deny it the necessary things for its growth, most notably water. You can use mulching as a way to deprive the weeds of gaining access to rain by using the drip irrigation system, which is an effective way of watering your plants without letting the weeds have a share of it. All you need to do is place a drip around or under the mulch, which efficiently waters your plant and also prevents the water from moving to surrounding areas.

Try brute force

This manual, labour-intensive method of controlling weeds allows you to get rid of weeds without any side effects.  Some physical weed control measures include;

  • Entirely pulling out the weed with the use of your bare hands or weed removal tool so it doesn’t have any part left in the soil that can allow it to regrow.
  • The use of organic ground covers like newspapers and cardboards to prevent the weed from having access to sunlight.
  • Carefully pour hot water on only the weed as this helps kill its delicate tissues

While applying these techniques to prevent weed growth, it is important to enrich your soil with organic matter every opportunity you get as it guarantees a weed-free garden.

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