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Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Join In With Gardening

It’s no surprise that kids usually have a carefree attitude, which I guess is part of the reason why they enjoy playing in the dirt, and giving me lots of dirty clothes to wash…I digress. Back on topic: gardening does not only give them the perfect opportunity to play with dirt, also serves as a means for them to learn something new.

Gardening is a fun outdoor activity that you can really engage in with your child. It doesn’t have to be expensive or particularly time-consuming, and the best part about it is that you can always start really simple. Kids have tended to shy away from things like gardening, especially if it feels like a chore. So how best can we encourage kids to join in with gardening?

You might want to follow these simple steps;

Give Your Kids Control

If you want to encourage your child to take an interest in gardening, the first thing to do is to give them some control. Kids tend to like to own things, so you can try and give a portion of the garden to your kids. Allow them to plant their own choice of seeds and even name a section of the garden. Make gardening fun for kids by providing them with their own gardening tools.

Don’t forget to guide them through the process though. Giving them a level of ownership could give kids that feeling of importance and also serves as an excellent way to teach them responsibility.

Don’t Allow Your Kids To Get Bored

Children tend to have a low attention span, and engaging in the same routine every day can lead to boredom.  Introduce new ideas, keep things fresh, and continually boost your child’s curiosity. Kids get excited from the smallest new things so you can allow your child to dig in the dirt, water the plants, watch bugs together. You could also use a sticker chart to represent each task done. Maybe encourage your kids also to take pictures or keep a journal and draw the growing plants.

Use Gardening As A Means To Educate While Entertaining Your Kids

You can use gardening as an opportunity to nurture your child’s mind and provide them with basic knowledge. Explain competition among plants to your child by allow them to see which plant grows taller or quicker. You can also compare the similarities and differences in the texture, taste, and appearance of plants.

Gardening is such a fun activity, let’s keep it fun. Think about ending the gardening day by doing something that reaps rewards such as cutting flowers or uprooting vegetables and eating them. More importantly, if you acknowledge your kid’s progress, he or she will be encouraged to put more effort.

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  1. We gave our daughter an area to be responsible for, so she had to water it, de-weed and tend to the flowers, she has took real pride in it and it looks stunning

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