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What Is And How To Grow A Vertical Garden

Do you want to grow a beautiful garden but don’t have enough space to do so? Then read on

What is vertical gardening?

Vertical gardening is what you may want to consider if you’re short on space. As the title suggests, the plants are made to grow upwards (vertically) so that they don’t take up so much space around them.

If you think this is for you, then these are the simple steps to take when growing a vertical garden.

  1. Decide on the type of vertical garden you want

Some vertical gardens are grown in wall planters which requires having a tall frame erected in the garden. Some others are planted in pots which are piled on each other or wooden pallets. Some of the more modern ones look like pockets placed on a vertical frame for storing the plants.

  • Get the tools and equipment needed

If you would like to go for the wall planters, then design your wall frame from wood or plastic and for the pockets, pick out a canvas for the frame. For the potted plants, get as many pots as you can or craft yours.

  • Decide which plants you want to grow

Plants like potatoes, trellis and sweet peas which are all climbers, make a good choice for vertical gardens. Pick any plant(s) that suit your garden soil and other physical conditions.

  • Grow the nursery

When planting, give the plants, some space to grow horizontally first before you lead them to the planters. This would help the plants grow strong roots and bases before they are made to reach for the sky.

  • Implement an irrigation system

Water of course is necessary to keep the plants sustained, especially because they are growing away from the soil. Most vertical gardens use drip irrigation to get the water to reach all the plants.

Check-in with your garden every day to see if there are any wilting plants or weeds. You will probably have a couple of dead stems. Replace the dead ones with fresh plants to keep your garden blooming and be careful not to combine plants that could outgrow the others and take up the whole space thereby forcing them to die out.

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  1. I am not short on space, but love how this looks, I am moving soon and the garden needs a lot of work, will have a go at this

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